Update your contact details to continue making investment trades online.
Review and update your contact information
From mid July, you'll need a valid mobile phone number and email to receive notifications when you trade online.

We're strengthening our cybersecurity for online investments. From mid July, it will be mandatory to notify our customers of account activities including trade executions, system log ons and password resets.

You'll need to update your contact details to continue making investment transactions via online or mobile banking. The new measures apply to securities, unit trusts, equity linked investments, bonds, certificates of deposit, margin FX trading and Wayfoong Statement Gold.

What if I have subscribed to the HSBC eAlert service?
From mid July, these notifications will be mandatory for all customers regardless of your subscription status with the eAlert service.
How do I update my contact information?

Log on to Personal Internet Banking with your Mobile Security Key or Security Device. Under My Profile at the bottom of the page, select Personal details and update your information.

* If you have never applied for a Security Device or activated a Mobile Security Key, please visit our branch to update your information in person or download the update instruction form here and return the completed form by mail. We take your account security seriously.

What will happen if my contact information is missing or incorrect?
You will not be able to trade online or via our apps until our records are updated with a valid mobile phone number. You are advised to review your contact information and stay informed about your online trades.  
Lost my Security Device or Mobile Security Key?

If you have lost your Security Device or the mobile device holding an activated Mobile Security Key, please contact us at:

  • HSBC Premier customers: +852 2233 3322
  • HSBC Advance customers: +852 2748 8333
  • Other customers: +852 2233 3000 
Trade safely online

Top tips to keep your account safe and avoid scams:

  1. Detect fraudulent activity with our SMS alerts and statements
  2. Change your password on a regular basis and choose a unique one for online banking credentials
  3. Learn to spot fake emails and websites and do not download suspicious attachments
  4. More tips can be found at https://www.hsbc.com.hk/help/security-centre/